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PYunzip is a small script which displays the contents of a ZIP archive and allows opening/viewing each file by double-clicking it. It requires Python with Tkinter (most platforms support this out of the box) and Info-Zip's "unzip" utility (the open-source standard for ZIP archives).

In contrast to other utilities with the same purpose such as WinZip, Gnome File Roller, etc. PYunzip focuses on ZIP archives and portability. I tested it on Linux and Windows/Cygwin but it should also run on native Windows platforms as well as most Unix variants which support Python and Info-ZIP, probably all of them.

The latest version of PYunzip can be found on the PYunzip page on SourceForge.

PYunzip is not public domain software. It is copyrighted by myself according to the terms of the GNU General Public License, GPL. Please visit the GNU General Public License page for more information.

Copyright © Christian Mueller 2003